Initial Setup

STEP 4 – Setting Up a Website Using WordPress

There are other ways to set up a website. You can create a website purely through html code or with the help of dreamweaver. But nothing is as easy and painless as WordPress.

Not only is WordPress easy, it's also incredibly effective at creating websites. Setting up a WordPress site has many benefits which include the ability to upload WordPress Plugins.

If you're new to creating websites Online – Use to create your website. It'll make your life a lot easier.

Getting Started with WordPressIf you've never set up a WordPress site before, then you need to follow the steps provided in the following link



Recommended Free WordPress Plugins

Recommended Premium WordPress Plugins

Edit: The Easy Privacy Policy plugin has been discontinued from the WordPress directory. Not sure why that's the case. But if you're looking for a plugin to build a privacy policy for your sites, I've found the WP Insert plugin to work very well. 

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